The state of the gaming community

As off today yet another victim has been taken to the Epic Games Store.
And the “Victim” this time is Deep Silver, who signed an agreement of making their upcoming title “Metro Exodus”, Exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

This something Ubisoft did a while ago with their title “The Division 2” as well.

The issue that is now is that we are facing store exclusive games, on PC. And games being announced on steam or other markets, just to be pulled of the store and handed over to Epic’s store. This is not how to do marketing, as they are forcing the community apart.

One of the issues here is that developers and publishers don’t see the big picture. As Steam takes a marketing and sales fee of a total of 30%, While epic cuts it to 12-18%. Now in it self it sounds more luxurious to go to the Epic store.

Then you have to think about the total sales the different on the platforms, Steam being the biggest game market with millions of daily users, that are true fan to several franchises, and has entire collections and series of games in their game library. Eagerly waiting for the next title of a series, only for it to be pulled away in front of their eyes and forced to be bought through another store.

This becomes an issue for the “Hardcore” steam users that refuses to split their library of games. And will be left outside from games.

And with the percentages again. 12% of 10 sales does not cover up the “loss” from 30% of 100 Sales.

This is sadly the way things are going, where Epic is offering lower sales percentages to make an PC Store exclusive to force people to their store basically at gunpoint.

This is not a good start for 2019 in the gaming world…


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