Author: Fredrick Walker

As off today yet another victim has been taken to the Epic Games Store. And the “Victim” this time is Deep Silver, who signed an agreement of making their upcoming title “Metro Exodus”, Exclusive to the Epic Games Store. This something Ubisoft did a while ago with their title “The Division 2” as well. The […]
Snow Vikings Studio, the studio that takes one step forward and two steps back. That continued throughout the entirety of 2016, 2017 and most of 2018. With a hobby studio this is kind of something to expect. The community part of Snow Vikings has been going the proper way all the years. So where are […]
Welcome to out new studio page. We have decided to start over with a fresh new page that is simple and clean. With this we will be available to post info and alike of what is going on in the studio in a faster and easier way. Stay Tuned for updates coming in often. Fredrick […]