Past, Present and Future

Snow Vikings Studio, the studio that takes one step forward and two steps back. That continued throughout the entirety of 2016, 2017 and most of 2018. With a hobby studio this is kind of something to expect. The community part of Snow Vikings has been going the proper way all the years. So where are we going now?

From 2016-2018(January) The studio only had one developer.
Now we are 3 developers and hoping to continue to grow in the right direction. We have a few projects that we can hope to share with you in the beginning of 2019. We won’t have any full releases soon but you can see the progress of each develop throughout it’s development process.

If you are interested in joining the development check out the “Join Us” page.

We aim to keep the community growing, and have more events where people from all around the world can participate. Not long ago our discord hit a tiny milestone of 30 members. We are hoping to kick that number up now in 2019.

Signing off,
Fredrick Walker


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