Join us

Snow Vikings Studio is always looking for a way to grow, and make a bigger name for itself in the indie world.

And with that we are looking to recruit new people to our development team. Note that all our positions are unpaid (For now). As we don't have any projects or products to generate income.

So if you are interested in helping a studio and community grow, and got some free time to spare.
Contact us either by e-mail or by coming on our Discord and have a chat.

When we are looking for people, that have the interest in both playing games as well as developing them. Or Developing things for them like mods and plugins

We are looking for people who might be interested in the following.

- Programmer
- 3D Modeling Artist
- Level Designer
- Graphic Designer
- Animator
- Sound and Music Artist
- General Unreal Engine Developer

Extra ones that can help out but not necessary is

- RnD
- Writer (For side story and characters)

E-Mail -


Keep in mind that we don't require you to have any prior experience.
We just require you to be interested in developing.