Repair Pad

Repair Pad (Version 1.5.0)

This script is made specifically for casual servers that do not focus around the realism aspect. The script adds a Rearm, Refuel and Repair script when the player lands on a specific helipad. The specific helipad or pads can be configured in the configuration file. 

The player simply have to land on the helipad (or taxi on top of it if you want to use aircrafts) and the process will be automated. There are currently some known bugs in the script that will be worked out for the 2.0 Release. Coming whenever I got time to get around to it
For now there isn't too much else than to plug and play.

To install the script simply unpack the Rar file and place the "Scripts" folder in your root mission folder. While placing the init file in the root folder as well . If you already have an init file simply open it
and place the lines as provided in the file here to initiate all the files required for this to run.

You will have full permission to edit the file to your liking as long as you maintain my credits at the top of the files as they already are. Obviously you can add your credit next to it as a nudge to your
own contribution. Keep in mind that I will not allow you to sell this or use this as a monetization on your server for players to pay to have this benefitted.


Media coming when version 2.0 is getting released.