Here you will be able to see the different type of non player created companies you can join in the multiplayer portion of PMC.

Keep in mind that everything it in development and is subject to change without warning.

Raven Corporation

Raven Corporation was created in the early 80’s by world war 2 veteran Henry Owen, later taken over by his son Michael Owen. It was originally called Hornet Battalion, but was changed in 2001 to Raven Corporation. 

The original name “Hornet Battalion”, comes from the battalion Henry served in during WW2.

One of the battalions that were written as “Lost”, and kept the status for close to two years. During those two years they fought behind enemy lines and moved to civilian zones before the enemy and warned them about the coming threats. They were reduced from a full battalion to only 20 men during the two years. And at the end of the war was only 6.

After the war Henry served as a police officer for 15 years. Before stepping up as a police chief all the way until he started his PMC.
It soon became the biggest PMC of them all. They do world wide contracting, but are mainly focused in non-lethal work like mall and warehouse security.

They have a huge success rate in their operations. They now offer training for other operators and helping to start up new companies. They got several hubs arounds for operators to meet.

Company Owner – Michael Owen
Company Employees – 45 000+
Date Formed – March 9th, 1983

Red Tactical

Created in 2005 by Marcus Carter, a former Navy SEAL. With aiming of having one of the best PMC’s on the market, only former special force soldiers from around the world are accepted in. And only after putting them through a test. 

To be sure that everything is working in the field, Marcus is participating in the field with the other operators.

There are only roughly 100 operatives in Red Tactical. As each operator is handpicked.
Everything ranging from SAS, Spetsnaz, Delta Force, US SEALs and more.

They yet haven’t had a failed contract, making them one of the only companies that has accepted almost all contracts handed to them and succeeded.

Company Owner – Marcus Carter
Company Employees – roughly 100
Date Formed – July 24th, 2005

GSG ( Global Security Group )

The GSG was created in 2004 by Robert McMillan, a former Army Lieutenant.
The group’s main task is to provide private security on a worldwide basis. And helping protect oil pipes around the world.

The Group has around 2000 active soldiers at any time. Where the majority is veterans but some are older police men and women too.

Just as a few other companies, GSG is a pretty large company but focuses their security jobs on mall, warehouses and nightclub security.
For outside contracts they are highly active in Afghanistan and Syria.

Company Owner – Robert McMillan
Company Employees – 25 000+
Date Formed – September 5th, 2004


Stillwater PMC, was created back in 2002 by a former Delta Force officer known as Jack Williams. The PMC’s main task is to assist in anti terrorism in Iraq and Syria. And provide Private Security on a worldwide basis.

The company has a bit over 800 active personnel at any time, each with their own military background.

Company Owner – Jack Williams
Company Employees – 800+
Date Formed – November 2nd, 2002

Valkyrie International

One of the newer companies, established by Michael Casey and Aaron Thomas in 2008. Casey being a SEAL and Thomas being a Delta.

They were childhood buddies and always dreamt about being soldiers together. So they formed Valkyrie International. A smaller company focused on VIP work and area protection.
Attractive with the CIA and embassies around the world

Company Owners – Michael Casey & Aaron Thomas

Company Employees – 300

Badger Corporation

Christopher Dunn and Richard Hatfield come from the same Ranger company. Feeling that they were held back and underpaid from the frontline action.
So they decided to leave to create Badger Corporation. A company focused on helping on the frontline on the ongoing wars around the world

They got more than 8000 active units helping around in the wars

Company Owners – Christopher Dunn & Richard Hatfield
Company Employees – 8000+

Hänschel Gruppe

founded in 2008 by Erik Hartmann, a former KSK member. It was created to meet the logistical needs of the German speaking world. They’ve been a big player in the logistics behind the war on terror and they’re a big supplier of arms and other supplies to the Militaries and Police forces of German speaking countries. 

Company Owner – Erik Hartmann
Company Employees – Roughly 2,000