Here you can see what projects we might be working on or just have in our thoughts. The titles, information and the entire game it self is always suspect to change.

PMC: Warfare
Status: In Development – Not playable

PMC: Warfare is a modern first person shooter built within the Unreal Engine 4.
Set with the focus on the Private Military Company / Contractor theme, you will be able to join or create and manage your company.
From pre-created to procedural generated missions from all over the world, you will be sure to have enough enemies and objectives to handle.

Having a story rich background with several novels to backup the told and untold in-game stories.

The game will have its main focus on the Multiplayer side, but later after it has become publicly available, we will start providing campaigns, both singleplayer campaign(s) and cooperative campaign(s).

The first campaign to come will be the “Chris Sanchez Campaign” where you follow through the footstep of a US Ranger that eventually joins a Private Military Company, and the struggles and darkness of war through his eyes.

Little Lost Shadow
Status: Concept / Brainstorming / Not in Dev ATM

Follow through a pixelated sidescroller where you take control of a shadow who lost his owner. (Miles) As you will have to fight your way for survival as your worst enemy is light.

Of only being a young shadow and not knowing what you are capable of, you will have to learn to know yourself before you can find your way back to your owner, what challenges will you find on your way back. And what skills will you learn on the way?

Adventures of Rex
Status: Concept / Brainstorming / Not in Dev ATM

When the young penguin Rex gets separated from his mother, he will have to find his way back, with any means necessary. But being a young penguin has both it benefits and its challenges.

Doing whatever it takes to come back eventually will have to bring you far from home, in the adventure of a life time. Across land sea and air.

Blood and BrassĀ (VR)
Status: Concept / Brainstorming / Not in Dev ATM

Blood and Brass is Virtual Reality game set in a fictional world, where you follow a special force group of 4 members, that is tasked with objectives they are not expected to survive.

As they go through their missions they start to unravel secrets, the world could only hope was fairytales.

Take in the footsteps in one of the four members, as you learn about them and their decision to take on these tasks.
How any man can volunteer to accept these no-one can understand, but here they are. Ready to head out to certain death, either to never return or return as heroes.

Note: The game will be fully playable for just PC players as well. And you will be able to play mixed with players that play in VR and on PC.

Night shift
Status: Concept / Brainstorming / Not in Dev ATM

You are Mitchell, a security apprentice that has taken a new job as a night shift guard at a Mall.

After the grand re-opening of the Royal Seed Mall, security was assigned to stay 24/7 at the mall, your uncle Ryan, used to work with the security group that is assigned to the mall, so with a few calls he got you the position.